Why do you Need a Property Report?

When you are buying a house or seeking a construction loan, you will need this type of report.  If you are buying a home, it will help you make an informed decision about the house.  I will give you details about the land use, the property’s zoning, and any potential development issues with the home.

The property report will help you to understand who owns the property and what their rights are to that particular property.  It could tell you about any loans or mortgages on this particular property.  It will also show if there are any restrictions that have been placed on the title or judgments against the current owner.  It can also help you identify any possible environmental hazards.

It can also tell you if there are any chemicals in the soil. The property report can give you a detailed map of any land division boundaries, which are the property lines.  This will help you know just how much land you are purchasing with your home.  This will help you avoid any legal disputes with your neighbors later.  It can also help you know what your property is worth and later if your property value decreases after buying the house, you can use it as evidence of how much your home was appraised.

This report will come in handy when you are applying for a construction loanIt will show the lender what the property is valued at and whether it will be a good investment for the lender.  The lender wants to make sure that they will be repaid for the loan and if they lend the money and then problems are discovered with the property, the house or houses may not be able to be built.

This can be very expensive if a construction company is building a subdivision.  This type of report is considered a snapshot of the property.  It will show any concerns of the surveyor and can also be used by the seller, buyer, or lender to represent accurate data for a property.

The property report contains everything that the lender wants to know about the property, from the boundaries to any structures that exist on the property.  When used for a loan to build homes or a building, there will most likely not be any existing structures unless they are purchasing land with buildings to be destroyed to make room for a new one or houses.  It will have everything you want to know about the property. It is a legal document that is prepared by a land surveyor.

The lender will look over the report carefully before making their decision as to whether to give the company a construction loan.  This is not the only thing that figures in the decision but does play a part in it.


As you can see, this report helps not only the buyer or seller but also helps a lender decide whether to approve or deny a loan.  When applying for a loan, make sure that you have this report as part of your paperwork.