Innocent Spouse Relief – A Helping Hand When Dealing with IRS

The simplest way to separate one party’s obligations from another is through innocent spouse relief. it has been the best solution for people who happen to marry someone who has unsettled tax obligations. Should you be that one, then you have the option to request innocent spouse relief.   The one filing for innocent spouse relief must submit a combined tax return for the relevant year in order to be eligible for any kind of relief. The person requesting relief must also be able to establish their innocence regarding any errors on the tax return or unpaid debt. You can experience this if you possess the following circumstances:

  • You happen to marry married someone who was hiding tax debt from the prior year.
  • If the spouse or other party’s tax debt is caused by self-employment.
  • If the responsible party evaded taxes and didn’t declare it to his/her spouse.
  • When the couple is divorcing.
  • When the spouse filed taxes incorrectly without the knowledge of the other spouse.

What can an innocent spouse do?

Just because your spouse has a tax obligation to the IRS does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the world for you.  There are some things you can do to prove your points such as demonstrating your separation from your spouse or the fact that the other person filed without their knowledge in order to qualify. Any amount of the tax return that is owed to a person who is judged to be qualified for innocent spouse relief may be given to them. This can cover items like child tax credits and any income they provided over the course of the year. You learn more about innocent spouse relief here. More so, you need to carefully do your research to be certain of your actions.