Top 5 Mobile Applications for Accounting

Accounting plays an important role in the growth of a business firm in today’s world. Independent of business, accounting helps to keep all the logs about expenditure, savings and all the revenues that comes. It is also important to keep the track of tax returns specifically GST, since it’s important for the company to keep these records. They can help the company to deal in certain matters in the future, as well as make sure that the companies expenditure is less than their earnings and savings. Now with the aid of Modern Technology and its advancement, most of the tasks people do today are done over the internet and that too on mobile phones.

Nowadays, Accounting can be done through mobile phones. There are several Mobile Accounting apps that can help people manage all the tasks that are required to be done by an accountant. Here are some of the accounting apps that comes with a pack of good features: 

    1. QuickBooks accounting – it is one of the best accounting app which helps you keep a record of expenses and cash flow, make invoices, helps view profit or loss and so on. It helps to categorize the monthly expenses which makes  it easier to understand and work. It is one of the best apps, specifically for smaller businesses. It keeps track of the invoices to make sure that you are getting the payment in time. This tally app can be useful to make sure that you are prepared for the tax timings.
    2. TallyDekho – It is one of the best Tally apps for mobile. It allows you to access the databases on the internet through mobile phones or laptops. It uses Tally ERP9 to calculate all the logical data it is asked to do. It provides one of the best security through encrypting data. It uses google drive to store that data and hence the google level security protocols are followed to keep that data safe and secure. With the help of Tally ERP9, you are able to calculate interests, maintain diverse ledgers for various purposes, track bills as well as provide support in multiple currency use. It is one of the best Tally on mobile app for auditing and budgeting. Sharing reports and data is a necessary procedure required in the business; With TallyDekho one is able to share the data as per their need.
    3. Salesforce – Salesforce is an awesome app that can actually help people to run their business through mobile. It helps them in accessing the CRM data, provide customization anywhere and at any time through its modern business experience interface. It helps people to schedule their day, set up updates, conference fast and easily. Salesforce helps them to keep a record of their performance and with this ability, people are able to see their progress according to their comfort, and manage their progress as well. Collaborating with other people, specifically with the people inside one’s business is important. Salesforce helps in building up team collaboration. 
    4. Square point of sale – It provides with all the tools that are needed by the business to grow. With the regular update, one is able to use the merchant terminal often as it adds a new method of transaction every time. The dashboard helps in keeping a record of the live sales and analyze them simultaneously. People can get their money quickly into their bank accounts or get transfers as per their requirements.
  • FreshBooks Cloud Accounting – Freshbook can make doing business easier for accountants. It is easy to use app with fast and secure servers and cloud backup which makes sure that people never lose their data. It has the option to track payments as well as communicate with the client which makes it one of the best app in the running business.

The Modernization and Technological evolution has led to a huge impact on the business sector in today’s world, a lot of businesses have moved to mobile phones. People find it easy to use the closest proximity device, to make decisions and communicate with people in business. With mobile phones in hand, which are always improving and getting better, sooner or later it would become necessary for all the firms to deal with business through mobiles. Mobile applications for Accounting has taken over the conventional method of meetups and personal interactions every time and is saving a lot of time for business firms. 

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