PayWush – safe, simple and reliable

PayWush is the right choice

Are you split with the thoughts to decide which money transfer platform will be safe and hassle-free for you? Are you in search of a platform that will give you high security for your money transfer and operate without any complications? Are you frustrated with the high rates of transfer and want a system to operate against a lower deduction of exchange rates? Surely such a platform is not easy to come all in one. However, you can trust PayWush to do all these for you.

Simple user-interface

PayWush has been built with years of research keeping in mind the necessity to make a simple user-interface. The idea is such that anyone with a minimum understanding of internet applications can operate PayWush and transact online. It can be done even on a mobile interface very easily. In fact, the hassle of operation is something that keeps the users away from even trying to open an account on the exchange platforms. Forget the transaction part which is more complicated. However, PayWush has come up with very simple steps. One has to log on to There, with just a click on the ‘get started’ tab, one is led to the process of opening an account.

Quick response time and privacy

Creating an account in PayWush is easy through some simple processes. You answer the queries that come up after clicking on the ‘get started’ tab and your account is ready within five minutes. The response time from the website is too quick and the interface is the easiest. PayWush does not even need your mobile number. The account is set up just using the email id that you provide. So there is no question of your mobile number been used by unwanted tele-callers for push sales or other such misuses. PayWush honours your privacy and the same time strives to provide you with the best user-interface for money transfer.

Operating for everyone

Whether you are a freelancer, professional or in business, you may have the requirement to either receive from your clients or acquaintances. Similarly you will be required to transfer your money to various entities. In both the circumstances, the expectation is that the money is transferred instantly within the shortest possible time. PayWush understands this need of the users. Send money with Paywush to know the difference yourself!  It takes maximum one day for the transfer of money from one account to the other. Though payWush has started operating from India, it works on a pan-global scale. So you are able to send money to any part of the world and likewise receive from any part of the globe.

Low service charge

For all these operations the charges deducted are quite reasonable. It is just 1.5 per cent of the transaction, whatever the amount may be. So you do not have to feel the burn in your pocket every time you receive money through the platform. The transactions are also safe and encrypted and there is little or rather negligible chance of fraud.

With excellent user-interface, flexibility, reliability and low charges and safe usage, PayWush is becoming a pioneer among the money exchange platforms. Use PayWush for your convenience!

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