Importance of Car Insurance for Learner-Drivers

As someone new to driving, one must be aware of some fundamental precepts of being a responsible driver. Unarguably, people need to know their responsibilities before taking the helm of an automobile. As a learner-driver, they must get their temporary driver’s license before taking their family, friends, or even their instructor for a drive.

As a beginner, you will make mistakes and that’s fine as long as you learn from them. The biggest fear that beginners have is that they might bump into another car or a person, a valid factor to be apprehensive of. Moreover, if this happens, the incurred losses might further demotivate you from driving in the future. However, you should know that simply buying a car insurance policy will protect you from damages caused by your car.

You need not worry about the process of purchasing car insurance as it is quite simple and can be done online at the click of a few buttons.

Now, you must wonder why it is important for a learner-driver to get car insurance; here’s why.

As you are new to driving, it is understandable that you would show extra concern towards your vehicle’s safety. No matter how well you drive your car, accidents are unpredictable. Also, because you are inexperienced, it isn’t safe for you to drive on the roads without having a valid car insurance policy.

A comprehensive car insurance policy offers you extensive coverage. You are free to opt for add-ons that further enhance your coverage. Especially in a country like India, where the traffic situation can be out of control, the chances of your car bumping into someone else’s vehicle are high. In this case, you will require a third party car insurance policy to compensate for the damages or injuries caused to a third-party person or property.

Only people who drive often understand the consequences of not having a car insurance policy. As a beginner, your trainers mostly educate you about the basics of insurance. They also tell you why one must purchase a comprehensive policy and how the firm deals with claims while attempting to bust the myths people have about car insurance. Since it is difficult to predict road accidents, you must compulsorily insure your car beforehand.

You can always ask around for reviews and insights into insurance. Your friends and family can prove to provide you with good feedback. You can even browse the internet and check the details about purchasing car insurance for yourself.

No matter if you’re still learning to drive or have been driving since a couple of years now, it is essential for every car plying on Indian roads to have a third-party liability policy at least. Apart from that, learn to drive safely and know all the traffic rules. The most important thing to do is to go through the terms and conditions of the policy document carefully. This will help you become aware of the inclusions as well as the exclusions of your policy and aid you when it’s time to file an insurance claim.

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