Group 500 Review – Is This Broker Secure?

Group 500 Review

As far as luxury brokerages that specialize in investing, forex trading, and CFDs may be concerned, there are few better than Group 500. Operating from Geneva, Switzerland, it is one of the top brokers in the world and is considered highly secure. This in-depth Group 500 review shall thus help you ascertain whether Group 500 should be your preferred broker or not.


There is a great need to choose a broker that is not only diverse and accessible in what it offers but one that is simultaneously very secure and safe to use. After all, we are positive that traders would want to spend large amounts of hard-earned money, and so this needs to be done in the safest way possible so as to provide peace of mind. 

For Group 500, the broker’s website is quite clear and simple to navigate. Everything is made crystal clear to you, and never did we experience any ulterior motives at play, nor does the broker try to hide anything from its clients. Moreover, Group 500 is completely honest when it comes to costs, risks, and potential losses that are common in the world of trading, as it does not want to give the wrong idea that online trading is a risk-free activity.

Trading accounts

Next, let’s discuss the account options. Perhaps the first thing that users will notice is the high sum of $10,000 that is required to be deposited before using the broker’s cheapest account type, the basic/’Silver’ option. This high amount is because Group 500 is a luxury broker as aforementioned and is largely investment-based. What this means is that each account will never have any direct maintenance costs, as instead, traders will be entitled to receive all of the funds that are deposited for trading purposes. In this way, there is not actually much of a risk in the beginning as you can just withdraw your funds at any given time.

Right now, users can choose the abovementioned ‘Silver’ account option or the other ones, which are titled ‘Gold,’ ‘Platinum,’ and ‘Signature’, respectively. Of course, if you want to use the more advanced accounts, you would have to put in more money as a minimum deposit, with the ‘Signature’ option requiring at least $250,000. The only account option that will be primarily unavailable to most traders is the ‘VIP’ account, which can only be accessed by those that receive a personal invitation from Group 500.

Trading platform

It goes without saying that in order to start trading, you would need a trading platform. Group 500’s trading platform is highly customizable as per the needs of the individual traders and is also fully optimized for most devices (mobiles, PCs, laptops, etc.). The interface is quite straightforward and simple despite its professional and advanced aesthetic, and all of the functions work perfectly. The ‘WebTrader’ allows users to maintain advanced analytical functionality, which will enable traders to increase the precision regarding predictions. 

Trading conditions

The trading conditions at Group 500 are very good. The leverage that is offered is solid, which implies that the traders can start benefitting without potentially ‘overdoing it,’ so to speak. The spreads are tight, and as far as we can tell, there are no hidden costs either. 

Group 500, therefore, provides a fully transparent experience that additionally has affordable pricing. The trading products and previously mentioned accounts are diverse in nature, and so a wide array of traders can take advantage of the broker’s trading conditions.

Trading products

Due to its status, Group 500 is expected to have a diverse range of tradeable assets to work with, and it thus manages to deliver tremendously. Traders can find all of the most popular choices, which include cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices, commodities, forex, and even metals and energies. 

As such, there is no need to ever compromise on asset quality or diversity when you choose to trade through Group 500. The range of assets provided in each category is also quite diverse, making the broker’s asset index a strong and capable one.

Final verdict

Add in a simple and non-invasive registration process as well as fantastic customer support, and you have a great broker in Group 500. The security is solid and well maintained, and the trading conditions and platform are both excellent. We would hence recommend Group 500 to both experienced and new traders alike, the latter of which can also take advantage of the broker’s large library of educational material and useful resources. 

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