Does Your Health Insurance Plan Cover These Hospitalisation Expenses?

The last few decades have seen new forms of illness and diseases crop up. But to counter these threats, medical technology has caught up. At times, these treatments can be expensive and may drain your hard-earned savings. This is where a health insurance policy comes to the rescue. 

A health insurance policy is a financial safety net that the policyholder pays a premium for. There are varied coverage options available when you are purchasing one. Let us look at a few essential coverage alternatives to look for – 

Domiciliary hospitalisation 

Not always it is possible for you to avail treatment at a medical facility. Some treatments need to be availed at your home due to situations like you being unable to move or other reasons. But availing treatment at home doesn’t necessarily mean it shall be cheap. In fact, it can be more expensive. Thus, having a domiciliary hospitalisation cover ensures the financial costs of your treatment is covered under your insurance cover. Cost of equipment, attendants and even medicines can burn a hole in your pocket. So, whether you buy an individual policy or a family health insurance cover, it has domiciliary hospitalisation cover, the details will differ as per terms and conditions.

Daycare treatment expenses

Daycare treatments are medical procedures that do not require the insured to get admitted to the hospital. Surgeries like cataracts, kidney biopsy and chemotherapy are some examples where you are out of the hospital within a couple of hours. Although these treatments are swift, they can be expensive. Having a backup financial cover to take care of these unexpected medical costs can help you safeguard your savings.

Pre and post hospitalisation cover

Most health insurance plans provide coverage for hospitalisation only. But ensuring that your policy has pre as well a post-hospitalisation facility can be helpful. While it is assumed that treatment cost is a major expense, but the diagnosis before treatment and the follow up after your treatment can also be a significant amount. Thus, pre and post hospitalisation coverage ensure a complete financial cover along with hospitalisation costs. This feature should be sought when purchasing critical illness insurance where the cost of diagnosis, as well as post treatment cost, are high.

Ambulance expenses

A hospitalisation is an already stressful experience, both financially and mentally. In such times, worrying about ambulance charges can be an added burden. To avoid this stress, make sure your policy includes ambulance charges to ease the already existing financial pressure of medical treatments.

Preventive health check-up

Many insurance companies offer a preventive health check-up facility. This facility can help you in the early diagnosis of ailments. Also, quicker and faster treatments can be availed without leading to any further complications at an early stage of diagnosis. 

When searching for a suitable insurance policy, ensure the above-mentioned policy benefits are available under your health insurance cover. Not only do they make it easy to take advantage of your policy but also help reduce the financial burden of unexpected hospitalisations. 

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