Bankers Using Whatsapp Beware: Latest Regulatory Efforts Push For Whatsapp Monitoring


With the continuous innovation of technology and easier access to communication platforms, more and more users are increasing their usage of mobile messaging apps for personal reasons and even work.

However, the compliance requirement in the regulated sector can be quite challenging as communication apps like WhatsApp use an end-to-end encryption feature, which makes it difficult to monitor messages and calls.

For regulated companies, like banks, the inability to record communication entails the possibility of committing fraudulent acts. Some companies have implemented the banning of such communication apps to prevent the exchange of sensitive and confidential information, but they risk clients’ withdrawal from their services.

While email is still widely used in the corporate setting, more clients prefer messaging apps that are more efficient and secured for transactions. Because of this reason, firms are prompted to become more creative in how they can comply with regulatory requirements without disengage from clients.

Archiving solutions, like TeleMessage, give firms the advantage of letting transactions occur with employees and clients as they can still efficiently communicate with each other while still complying with regulation laws.

TeleMessage WhatsApp Archiver can monitor phone calls and capture voice call efficiently and securely. This latest product of TeleMessage also offers services to archive text messages and multimedia messages, which is significant for communication audits.

Having this software is ideal for companies in the regulated sector as they don’t need to implement restrictive measures for employees using WhatsApp because they adapt to technology for everybody’s benefit.


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