What are the Duties of a Freight Forwarder before Your Shipment Leaves Your Warehouse?

It begins with the discussion of your arrival time for shipment purposes and any other factors that could affect its arrival. Then they discuss a few factors like Letters of Credit, Terms or Sales and Incoterms. Here is a brief delineation of all these factors and how they may affect you:

  1. A letter of credit refers to a commitment by a bank on buyer’s behalf to pay to the seller a specified amount in valid currency, given the fact that the seller has submitted all the necessary documents by a determined timeline.
  2. Terms of sales refer to the buyer and seller’s duties, risks, and costs of goods delivery that compose the export transaction.
  3. Incoterms refer to the standard sets of terms and conditions meant for clearly communicating the costs and risks related to the transportation and delivery of goods.


Now the Amazon fba freight forwarder ClearitUSA will step ahead by planning the journey of your cargo from one point to another. This entails:

  1. Reviewing all aspects of the transit to align it with all international laws, sanctions and embargoes.
  2. Advising on routings and potential conflict areas, climate presumptions and impact on the merchandize being shipped, risks involved and how to reduce them that entails cargo insurance and packaging considerations.

Sort out your priorities

Consider the following questions to sort your priorities when it comes to shipping:

  1. Is the shipping cost the only gist to focus on?
  2. Do you need a quick transit?
  3. Or do you need the combination of two?

Your freight forwarder will weigh these considerations to ascertain which carrier is suitable for you and your shipment.

Selecting a carrier company

After all the considerations have been gathered, your freight forwarder will discuss the carrier company options with you. They will present you opinions about the reliability of the carriers when it comes to delivering their commitments and advise on which company you should choose who would best meet your demands. This in-depth base will separate a freight forward from a carrier company. Transportation companies only focus on the transit, they believe you are all prepared with choosing the carrier company. Hence, it is important to make wise choices right from the beginning who can help you do the same and holds a sturdy expertise in the world of import export business.

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