Global CTB Review: How This Firm Guarantees a Seamless Trading Experience

Is Global CTB scam or legit? You will come across many brokerage firms that promise great features for all traders. However, you cannot count on all these claims to be true. To gather more customers, firms sometimes resort to misleading headlines, so you have to be careful when deciding on a broker. I don’t say this to make you vary of every good deal that you come across. For instance, if you see claims about Global CTB offering the best trading conditions, you can count on them to be true. This is because Global CTB is one of the best online brokerage firms in the industry today. Let’s take a look at some of its features to identify why.

Global CTB Features That Make It a Great Broker

Comfortable Trading Environment

One of the most important things for a trader is to be able to trade in a comfortable trading environment. The trading environment includes all the conditions that you trade under. So, the trading tools, assets, fees and commissions, spreads, leverages, etc. all affect the trading environment of the broker. 

With Global CTB you can enjoy some of the best trading conditions and trade in a comfortable environment that is packed with useful trade tools. Some of the trade tools that you can access are real-time market rates, access to real-time markets, charts and graphs, calendars, etc. The firm also offers great leverage and spread counts that make your investments interesting and profitable. The guaranteed security of your funds and information also adds to the comfortable trading environment. 

Promotions and Other Offers

Promotions are a great way to keep the customers interested in your firm. Global CTB offers the unique offer of turning your profits into gold bullions. Yes, you read that correctly. The broker allows you to convert your volumes into gold. Of course, the details of this are explained on the promotions page of the firm. Furthermore, you also get a 30% trading bonus for your first investment after registration. And, since you can open multiple accounts, the broker offers you a promotion of 50% cashback under specific regulations. 

Advanced Trading Platform with MetaTrader 4 

This is one of the reasons why Global CTB is a such-in-demand firm. The MetaTrader4 is one of the best software for trading platforms as it offers so many services and additional tools. If you are a new trader, you should definitely check out the facilities of the MT4 trader. Global CTB offers you some extremely useful trade tools and provides you with one of the most reliable web traders. The web trader is compatible with all devices and is even compatible with Mac. 

You are also provided with the alternative of downloadable apps for your Android and Apple devices which can be downloaded from the Play Store and the Apple store respectively. The apps are constantly monitored and updated to be free from bugs and errors.    

Multiple Account Options with Increasing Benefits 

You can open various investment accounts with this broker as it offers a variety of accounts to choose from. The account types that Global CTB supports include fixed account and floating accounts. These accounts have different tiers that you can select depending on your budget and requirements. What is great is that the broker provides an alternative of Islamic accounts which makes it possible for Muslim traders to trade. Both of these account types have unique benefits and features that are useful for traders. 

Final Thoughts 

While there are many brokerage firms that make great claims about their services, Global CTB is one that actually lives up to them. This firm should surely be on the list of potential brokers for new traders. The MT4 affiliated trading platform makes sure to provide you with a seamless trading experience due to the great trading environment of offers. Furthermore, you can enjoy trading with multiple assets with floating accounts and fixed accounts all the same. 



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