Block Option version 2 – Unlimited incomes for traders


After 3 years of operation, Block Option has been receiving a lot of support from the Fintech community. This is the motivation for them to keep on improving to bring more profit to traders. Especially, in the next short time, version 2.0 of Block Option will be officially launched.

In this version, Block Option is absolutely confident to assert that traders can gain unlimited income. So how will traders make more profits in this version? Let’s find out through the article below!

  1. More options – More experiences – More incomes

The first income that traders can earn is from the Price Option feature. Currently, Block Option is one of the first digital exchanges in the Binary Options market that have both trading options. What an amazing function!

Similar to the Candle Options, traders will predict the future value of an asset pair. If the prediction is correct, you will get a 95% profit. In addition, the timeframe in Price Options is also more diverse. Specifically, the timeframe that traders can choose respectively is 2-minute; 3-minute; 5-minute; 10-minute; 15-minute; 30-minute.

Based on that, you will have more time for technical and financial analysis as well as applying indicators to make the best decision. At this time, you also have more confidence to trade with a larger amount, which can make the profit be higher.

  1. Optimize profits with Follow Expert

Lack of knowledge and experience is inevitable for newbies when joining the Fintech market. This element makes them lack confidence in trading as well as their emotions overwhelm their minds. Accordingly, the easier it is for them to make the wrong decisions. Besides, capital management such as taking profit and stopping loss at the right time is also an important technique that a newbie is still lacking.

Therefore, Block Option has updated the Follow Expert feature in version 2.0 to help you improve these shortcomings. This is also a very beneficial feature for even experienced traders.

For newbies: They can improve their trading experiences and skills by copying trading from experts with a high win rate. In addition, you can also set up the taking profit/stopping loss order according to your demand.  Besides, the Follow Expert feature allows you to copy trading from multiple experts at the same time.

For experts: There is an extra income from fees of permission newbies to copy trading. Not only that, you also can earn more through the newbie’s commission on each winning of them while copying your trading.

  1. Other attractive incomes from Block Option 2.0

Besides the huge profits from the two above features, Block Option 2.0 still has many other outstanding functions. Especially the rest of the features will also help you earn a lot! Let’s take a look at what those are!

Weekly Lucky Draw (WLD): Total prizes worth up to 1 million USD and 5 weekly prizes is what WLD in version 2.0 can bring to traders.

Trade Tournament: Each week, there will be 10 high-value rewards for the best individuals. This is also a playground where traders can show off their abilities and prestige as well as learning from each other.

Affiliate Program: For each successful referral to trade on Block Option, the referrer will receive up to 2% commission. According to this policy, you can easily create an unlimited passive income.

The updated features in Block Option version 2.0 are actually all profitable opportunities for traders. After a detailed analysis, it can be seen that Block Option’s claim of unlimited income is really well-grounded. This will definitely be a potential candidate in the Binary Options market in the future. For further information about version 2.0, you can refer to

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