3 COE Renewal Financing Options You Can Consider

While many automobile owners in Singapore are eager to buy a new vehicle after a long time with their current one, purchasing one might not be the best option. With the prices of new cars getting released now and then, vehicle finance solutions can be the best option.

To prevent having their vehicle deregistered, most car owners consider paying for the Certificate of Entitlement or COE renewal. However, if you don’t have the financial capability to fund a new car, you can consider available COE renewal financing choices. Here are some of them.

Bank loan

If you have a current and high credit score with you, a bank loan may be ideal for COE renewal financing. Vehicle finance solutions like this are ideal as it offers lower interest rates. The majority of bank transactions don’t impose fees for transactions. However, bank loans tend to be more difficult since they consider a qualification.

In house loan

If you have a low or bad credit score, you may consider an in house car loan in Singapore. Singaporeans who prefer long and tedious processing can choose this among vehicle finance solutions for COE renewal financing. With this, you can receive up to 100% of COE renewal financing. You can expect fees, charges, and the maximum amount you can borrow to vary.

You can find an in house car loan provider in Singapore that offers free financing advice with no hidden charges.

Personal loan

You may also consider having a personal loan from licensed money lenders as another choice among vehicle finance solutions. Depending on your agreement, your repayment method of loan tenures may vary. Some of them also guarantee low-interest rates depending on your income.

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