Saving Tips for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to make significant changes in your old financial habits.Saving money might seem overwhelming, but with a few tweaks to your lifestyle, it won’t be a big deal. According to a report by NABARD, almost 88% of the rural Indian population hasa savings account...

How to transfer shares from 1 Demat Account to Another

Have you ever wondered about transferring your shares from one demat account to another? Though it seems to involve too many complicated formalities, is a fairly simple process. It is almost on the lines of making a transfer among different bank accounts. Most people prefer to keep the shares in...

How To Distinguish Between Different Types Of Taxes?

What Are Taxes? A tax is a type of levy or finance charge that is imposed on the taxpayers by the government organizations to fund for public works such as public transports, roads, waterworks, the legal system, hospitals, military, educational institutes, research, and various other areas. There are other important...

5 golden rules to get your retirement planning back on track

As a working professional, you might aim for a comfortable retirement period in the future. During your active working years, you might have accumulated funds to reach your retirement goal comfortably. Moreover, you might have even planned your whole retirement before retiring from your regular 9-5 jobs to secure your...

PayWush – safe, simple and reliable

PayWush is the right choice Are you split with the thoughts to decide which money transfer platform will be safe and hassle-free for you? Are you in search of a platform that will give you high security for your money transfer and operate without any complications? Are you frustrated with...

Starting Your Trading Career

There are many ways in which you can kick off your trading career. However, doing in step by step will boost your chances of succeeding.  As they say, failing to plan and planning to fail. The following are the steps you should take when starting your trading career.  Opening an...

Ways to Handle Debt

  Nearly everyone has to deal with debt in their lives, some of it from day-to-day life such as mortgages, some from circumstances beyond their control like job loss and illness, and some from less-than-perfect decisions, like uncontrolled spending. How people deal with debt effectively largely depends on their financial...

5 Things Finance Companies Need to Understand

A small finance firm is one that possesses specialization in offering secured loans to businesses and consumers. They perform the typical financial transactions that include vehicle loans, installment loans, home equity loans, etc. for buying key household appliances. If you wish to start a finance company of your own, then...

Tips for Finding Personal Loans When You’re Stuck

Post Preview When life presents surprises or significant financial obligations, it is not always easy to be prepared for these sudden developments. Financial concerns can bring about stress, so finding a financial company that can ease that burden is important. For many, personal loans can be an option to fund...
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